The Challenge

FM Conway , with 130 drivers, was operating a system for driver card downloads whereby drivers had to be reminded of the requirement for tachograph card downloads through the use of in-cab stickers. In addition, the download data was then sent to a third party for analysis which meant waiting for the analysis results to be returned at a later date. In order to comply with the Working Time Directive legislation, drivers were required to fill in separate spreadsheets retrospectively with all relevant information and this information had to be tracked and followed up on by the Transport Manager. All of this led to the following issues within the management of drivers’ compliance;

  • Manual and time consuming process
  • Records being tracked and stored in multiple places
  • Drivers having to be called back in after analysis results showed infringements
  • Unnecessary administration burden being placed on transport managers

The Solution

According to FM Conway Transport Manager Peter Parle, any new solution would need a number of features to streamline the process. Tranzaura’s driver compliance software allows drivers to download their driver cards remotely and in real time thus providing the transport operator with the following:

  • Instant display of drivers/vehicles that have completed or missed download dates
  • Infringement information be presented instantly for swift identification of any problems
  • A simple option to print and sign off all reports of only the latest infringements
  • A practical reporting suite to aid in business decisions
  • Infringement detection by type (Vehicles Speeding and Driving without Cards)
  • Combined digital and analogue analysis for Drivers Hours Law
  • Instant review of the driver card and activity no matter where the driver is
  • The ability to notify drivers of their legal requirement to download in advance of exceeding the 21 day requirement ensuring operators are managing their compliance regulations.
  • Maximise driver utilisation against the driving time regulations and the working time directive (WTD)

In addition to the above requirements the driver compliance software was also able to offer:

  • Automatic creation of drivers and vehicles directly from the driver card
  • Forward planning functionality and calendar function
  • Driver and vehicle utilisation reports

The Results

A cost analysis was completed to compare the existing process against the driver compliance solution in order to quantify the cost reduction post deployment, and also to gauge the return on investment. Possible costs arising from DVSA fines were excluded from the analysis as these were not guaranteed costs.

% reduction in cost of Tachograph analysis costs 23%
% increase in Driver utilization post implementation 34%
% Reduction In Vehicle Missing Mileage 36%
% infringement reduction post
10 weeks

The software has been up and running for the last 5 years. The implementation process was seamless and unlike alternative solutions there was no need for FM Conway to store information on their own servers, nor was there a capital outlay for any IT requirements.

Savings were achieved in the form of large reductions in the number of fines and driver infringements due to the analysis provided by the solution , as well as eliminating the need for external driver downloads, while also ensuring full compliance with EU working time directives.

“As soon as I saw your product, I could see it had been designed by a transport person. The whole process is effortless, saves time and paper and keeps all the records in one place. The technical back-up when needed has been excellent. I find the software so easy to use and a real time saver for a business such as ours.”

– Peter Parle, Transport Manager for FM Conway

“We are delighted to work with FM Conway who like our other clients have embraced the latest in driver management technology from Tranzaura. It is great to see immediate benefits being derived from the system and in particular that they recognise the benefits beyond just compliance that helps them improve driver and vehicle utilisation resulting in increased revenues for their business.”

– Mike Price, CEO , Tranzaura