PC Howard – Vehicle Checks

Founded in 1920, PC Howard offer a total logistic solution for freight across the U.K. In addition to their headquarters in Peterborough, PC Howard operate depots in Northampton, Corby and Swindon, with a fleet of over 100 vehicles which includes both arctics and rigids, and 150 trailers on top of this.

The Challenge

Operating the traditional paper based method of completing daily vehicle walk-around checks proved cumbersome for Operations Manager Simon Anson. With a 100 strong fleet the paperwork piled up quickly, even more so when a defect was reported and needed to be assigned to the maintenance team to be fixed.

In late 2015 Simon decided to look at alternative methods to the paper based system and was directed towards Tranzaura by a colleague from Treasure Transport who have been availing of the Tranzaura vehicle checks solution app from 2014.

The Solution

Following a series of meetings between Tranzaura CEO Mike Price and PC Howard Operations Director Simon Anson it was decided that the electronic solution PC Howard required would need a number of key features to ensure the full compliance and maximum efficiency of the PC Howard drivers and fleet. These features included:

  • The ability to address all vehicle and trailer types
  • The ability to manage and monitor a range of depots
  • A database of all checks carried out and defects reported / assigned / closed
  • Daily reports to monitor fleet performance regarding vehicle checks
  • Push notifications of defects electronically
  • Multiple, permission based user access / logins
  • The facility to manage and assign defects to the maintenance team for repair
  • Remote access to information
  • Date, time and location for all checks

Full access to historical checks, Vehicle Checks met each of these requirements and was able to offer a number of additional benefits including:

  • The elimination of unnecessary vehicle downtime
  • Tiered permission based access
  • Digital driver signature
  • Image capture of defects found during checks process

The Results

PC Howard went live with the Vehicle Check solution in January 2015 and have seen instant results

“ This solution has been a great asset to us here at PC Howard since the system went live. It has made it easier to plan workshop schedules due to the real-time information being received as well as defect photos. This planning has led to a reduction in breakdowns due to better prioritising and has made it easier to see any outstanding work when a vehicle is in for an inspection. The user friendly UI and tailor made questions applied to specific vehicle and trailer types has ensured there’s no confusion as to what they have do. Company-wide we have seen an improvement in the visibility of defects recorded, less vehicle downtime, better check discipline due to the time taken to complete checks being recorded and a vast reduction in the amount of paperwork we have to deal with.”

– Simon Anson, Operations Director PC Howard

“We are delighted to have PC Howard fully on board with our vehicle check solution and to add them to the list of our growing client base across Ireland and the U.K. We look forward to working with Simon and the rest of the team at PC Howard closely to optimise the efficiency and compliance of each site .”

– Mike Price, CEO Tranzaura