Travis Perkins – Vehicle Compliance

Founded in 1797, Travis Perkins plc is a British builders’ merchant and home improvement retailer based in Northampton. They currently operate 1,900 outlets with more than 28 ,000 employees in the United Kingdom & Ireland. With a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles, full compliance was always going to be an issue. However in late 2014,  Tranzaura started a discussion to implement a fully online electronic daily vehicle walk -around check solution, Vehicle Checks.

The Challenge

In the ever changing world of transport, a flexible approach to changes that occur is needed to be able to adapt efficiently. It is of utmost importance to be compliant as an operator and to ensure that professional drivers are also compliant, with regard to the latest legislation surrounding driver’s daily walk around vehicle checks for those in the transportation, logistics and bus and coach industry.

This presented a big challenge to Travis Perkins plc, the U.K’s leading supplier of building materials, in finding a company who can meet those requirements and provide a cost effective solution based on these needs on top of this.

The Solution

Following a series of meetings between Travis Perkins and Tranzaura CEO Mike Price, it was decided that any electronic check solution would need to incorporate the following:

  • A full electronic checks process
  • The ability to a ddress all vehicle and trailer types
  • Instant notification of any defects found during the check process
  • The facility to manage and assign defects for repair
  • Manage and monitor a range of depots
  • A database of all checks carried out and defects reported / assigned / c losed
  • Reports available to driver for road checks by DVSA
  • Integration with existing business systems

Vehicle Checks was able to meet each of these requirements, and in addition to this was also able to offer:

  • Full image capture of defects
  • The elimination of unnecessary vehicle downtime
  • The elimination of engineers completing duplicate paper processes
  • An increase in fleet engineers working on vehicles
  • A significant decrease in lost mileage
  • A complete transparent electronic process

The Results

Adopted by Travis Perkins plc in 2014, integrating the solution into their existing business systems (fleet management and vehicle tracking) ensured a safe and legally compliant operation with minimal hassle.

Jon Lowe, Transport Systems Manager for Travis Perkins plc, said: “The new check system, TranzSafety, has he lped us further improve our compliance and efficiency of our vehicles within the Group. We already operate over 3,000 vehicles across 2,000 operators’ license sites, and this number is set to increase further with our ambitious growth plans, of which this vehicle compliance solution will play an integral part.”

Having set out key performance indicators and measuring the deployment, the table below highlights the outcomes:

% Increase in engineers working on tools6%
% Reduction in cost per defect15%
% Reduction in Paper costs98% *
% reduction in vehicle downtime64%
ROI23 weeks

“We are delighted to have Travis Perkins plc fully on board with our vehicle compliance solution and to add them to the list of our growing client base across Ireland and the U.K. We look forward to working with them closely to optimise the efficiency and compliance of each site”

– Mike Price, CEO Tranzaura