Intelligent Fleet Audit Preparation with Tranzaura

Fleet Audits are frequently stressful, difficult and time-consuming for fleet managers.

There’s a lot of information, and making it available via reports or demonstrations for auditors, whether in person or remotely, can take a great deal of time and effort.

Tranzaura’s fleet management system, in contrast, makes this an easy task. The Resource Planning app is the core of this.Since automated customer information populates from the database, including previous prices, and you can capture necessary site activities, GPS job location, and a full record of all communications, this gives you full audit trails at your fingertips. You can give immediate access to all current and historical jobs as well as their status and outcomes.

Even when there have been very specific job/customer requirements (which are normally difficult to account for in records), these can be accommodated, reported and actioned in the system by the right people and at the right time.

Obviously, this is also a digital process – you’ll have eliminated paper, so the necessary information can be provided via exports or via a login to the system for the auditors. This cuts costs and time down immediately. 

In addition, the Resource Planning app gives you transparency over all your asset availability, the dynamic calendar scheduler gives you clear information on booking status and any quotes that are to be confirmed. So as well as the backward-looking audit trail, you can provide reliable and accurate information on forecasts for your organisation.

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