We have revolutionised the 'accident reporting' process for fleet managers

As part of Tranzaura’s continuous improvement programme, we have released a new version of our Accident Incident App.

The new release of our Accident Incident App means that fleet managers can now optimise their accident reporting process in a way that is more cost effective, time efficient and most importantly more accurate so disputes and claims that be dealt with more favourably.

Here is how we have optimised the process;

1. Removed paper from the process

The App now allows users to recreate your incident paper card, which means that the need for paper is no longer needed as part of the incident reporting process.

2. Critical information gathered instantly & accurately

Using a paper based method report on incidents is prone to capturing inaccurate and unreliable information. By using App technology, you can feel rest assured that a) the critical information required for insurance claims are being gathered at the scene of the incident in real time and b) that it is accurate and there is evidence for it, so disputes and claims can be dealt with more favourably. The information gathered on the App, can be predefined by you. (see point 4).

3. Information automatically populated to insurance companies

Typically, it can take a number of days to share incident information with the insurance company. With our App, users can now gather all required information instantly and these details can automatically be populated and shared with the insurance company.

4. Customisable accident reporting

We have added a feature that allows you to create your own accident report form, where you can customise the fields to reflect the information you need to gather. You can choose to add anything from accident details, police details, witness details and other driver details.