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Tachograph Analysis

More than just standard safety & compliance software but one that contributes to profitability…

Tranzaura is back at the forefront of cutting edge Tachograph Analysis software with a new to the market feature, that is revolutionising the face to face driver infringement debriefing process. This new leap in technology, means that Transport Managers no longer need to bring their drivers off the road to deal with infringements and can do this all remotely – saving circ.  81% annually on the costs associated with the infringement debriefing process.

Keep reading to find out how!

Tachograph Analysis


Challenges around standard technology

  • Tachograph technology has plateaued since the analysis process was digitised in 2010, its all very much like for like in terms of capabilities and costs, but our new driver debriefing feature changes this dynamic.
  • Tachograph contributes greatly to your safety and compliance efforts but it does come with additional costs that can affect the bottom line. This prompted Tranzaura to add features that address productivity issues around the driver debriefing process and brings about a more profitable solution. Find out more below in Business Outcomes.
  • Tachograph can work as a standalone tool for transport managers but when complemented by other transport solutions these elements can talk to each other to solve other problems for you.
Challenges around standard technology

Standard market features;

  • App based technology system to analysis the data for safety and compliance requirements
  • Analysis of both Digital & Analog Systems so users can cover all eventualities
  • Remote downloads to replace manual downloads to help save on fuel costs and overtime.
  • More effective driver time keeping by seeing & managing exact driver hours and to help planners.
  • Driver Metric Management to handle infringements more effectively to ultimately save time.
  • Easy driver scheduling to help manage driver workload and to make transport managers lives easier and optimse driver productivity.
  • Missing mileage reports which show details of events before, during and after to help analyse and identify where, why and who before events escalates.
  • Vehicle metrics all in one place to provide a more detailed understanding of vehicle history.
  • Dynamic reporting to manage all KPI’s on one screen to provide greater insight and evaluate how the company is performing.
  • Earned recognition combining and sharing information automatically to help authorities, help you be productive and minimise the disruption caused by unnecessary audits and lost productivity.

Unique market features;

  • Remote driver infringement briefing: stops the need to bring drivers off the road, back to the yard just to do paperwork; which decreases productivity and profitability.
  • Retention of historical data when drivers get new cards.
  • Part of a whole Transport Safety hub: Tachograph analysis is 1 of our key solutions from the Total Transport Solutions Platform.
  • Future features will be announced to increase Tachograph Analysis’ overall contribution towards overall profitability


Making tachograph profitable without compromising safety and compliance.


Unique features for profitability;

  •  Approximately 81% annual cost saving in the debriefing infringement process.
  • Implementation of a tachograph analysis solution that helps profitability without compromising safety and compliance.

Standard features for profitability;

  • Savings on Administration costs. Manually analysis versus automated.  It can take 30/40 minutes to calculate 1 infringement manually not to mind the knowledge and training required to get you expert enough to do the calculation. It’s done in seconds automatically for all potential infringements not just one.
  • Reduced risk of fines
  • ROI on average in 3 months
  • Protection of your operator’s license, keeping your vehicles and drivers on the road.


“Tranzaura’s new additions to an already great platform are helping solve our problems through innovation. The additions are built using feedback from us and others in the industry, which means the platform has the functionality that we need.” Kilsaran International