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Daily walk around checks

Our mobile App allows drivers to conduct a safe and compliant daily walk around check from their smart phone.

If you currently use paper to record defects and carry out your daily check, you’ll know this is time consuming, expensive, prone to human error and can also become a tick box exercise that is not carried out properly.

Our App is simple to use for drivers of any IT ability and makes sure that they complete every check fully, meaning that you will always have peace of mind that both your driver and vehicles are the safest they can be. Once the check is done, the results are submitted in real time from the App to their Fleet/Transport Manager.

Our App doesn’t speed up the process in a way that compromises a quality and safe check being done and not only makes sure the vehicle is safe but that the driver is engaged and behaving in the safest possible way.

Safe drivers make safe vehicles not the other way around.

Vehicle Checks



  • Multi-device App based system with real time reporting to eliminating paper to provide instant access and a more cost effective solution.
  • Instant alerts to notify when a defect is reported so you can take action sooner instead of waiting on receipt¬†of paper reports.
  • Check history so all records are kept up to date and driver location is recorded and to avoid searching for historical checks.
  • Effective defect management to increase productivity¬†and reduce vehicle downtime and costs.
  • Dynamic reporting to manage KPI’s more effectively and tailor reports to company needs.
  • Recording of vehicle history to centralise information and identify problem vehicles immediately before they escalate.
  • Customisable & unlimited checks to your needs.