Our Platform - Tranzaura

Empowers the transport industry to manage all compliance, safety & engineering requirements in one central place.

One integrated platform with nine modules that connects your people, assets & systems to transform your fleets productivity, safety and profitability.


We put insightful data at the heart of every business decision and build a better picture of how your fleet is performing every day.

Our platform doesn’t present you with floods of disconnected data on your assets and vehicles. We drill into these numbers, identify any issues, build business intelligence and give you the tools to take positive intervention.

You’ll get a holistic view of how your fleet is truly performing in real time and as a result be empowered to make more informed decisions around every aspect of your operation.

Our Platform

Platform Benefits

[ 01 ]

Implement Continuous Fleet Performance Management

  • Understand your numbers, know your true fleet performance.
  • Get a holistic view of how your fleet is performing at any time
  • Identify issues, risk areas and get accurate data to inform decision making
  • Get a daily performance scoring across your assets and drivers
  • Drill down into numbers across compliance, safety and engineering.
  • Report accurate performance indicators back to your business
[ 02 ]

Positively influence driver behaviour & safety 

  • Identify high risk drivers and target them with positive intervention and digital training tools
  • Reward conscientious drivers
  • Go beyond creating a compliant fleet, create a more engaged, safer and connected culture
  • Digitally profile drivers & assets in 30 minutes
  • Take driver training out of the classroom and virtual to increase frequency and decrease costs
[ 03 ]

Uncover inefficiencies that negatively impact your business

  • Uncover hidden inefficiencies in your fleet that are time consuming or expensive
  • Automate admin tasks and reassign time to other areas of your business
[ 04 ]

Optimise compliance & reliability

  • Gather accurate and actionable data around your inspection efficiency & compliance processes
  • Instant peace of mind that your fleet is as compliant as it can be
  • Improve vehicle reliability by quickly identifying defect trends
  • Immediate access to vital information and trends from a live dashboard
  • Increase visibility around driver & vehicle compilance

One connected platform

Nine Modules


Make your inspection experience a better one, elevating completion rates whilst improving safety. Our solution can be used for walk around checks, management checks, hire/off hire checks or PMIs.

Asset Management

Manage all your asset register, workshop management and inventory management requirements in one central place.

Tachograph Analysis

Manage and monitor drivers with more precision. We provide a proactive way to make recording hours easier for the driver whilst optimising the way you manage workloads and availability.

Driver Connect

Create a more engaged, safer and connected culture for your remote drivers, whilst motivating them to go the extra mile for the business.

Workshop Management

Proactively manage your maintenance and repair workshop (owned or commercial) to better track preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs to ensure vehicles are compliant for the authorities and safe for employees and customers.  

Accident Incident

Support your remote driver in the event of a road incident, which can be stressful and traumatic. Give your drivers a quick and intuitive way of gathering as much information and detail about an incident whilst it’s still fresh in their mind.

Stock Inventory Management

Streamlining your parts inventory management with our digital solution can be a driving force in meeting your overall cost objectives. Our solution will help you achieve a more efficient maintenance programme and ensures your assets are back in service as soon as possible.

Resource Planning

Our sophisticated cloud-based resource planning solution allows you to seamlessly schedule & track all fleet and equipment activities in one central booking system.

Tracking & Telematics

We can connect your tracking & telematics information to our platform with our seamless third party integration.

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