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Driver Connect

Create a more engaged, safer and connected culture for your remote drivers, whilst motivating them to go the extra mile for the business.

Ideal for large and complex fleets that struggle to keep drivers informed, valued and consciously mindful of their behaviour when out on the road.

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why our driver connect solution?

Bridge the gap between remote drivers and your organisation when it comes to effective communications and safe driver behaviour.

  • Always keep drivers in the loop, valued and well informed. Communicate important messages, news, policy changes, and more to your remote drivers at a click of a button with our simple to use messaging platform. Target individual or groups in specific locations and keep effective driver communications high on your agenda.
  • Take driver training online and out of the classroom. Deliver virtual training content to drivers from an online content hub and avoid taking them of the road. Target drivers with specific training & safety themes with our pre-populated training videos as well as your own curated content that can be uploaded simply to the hub.
  • Identify & target unsafe drivers with a proactive, online training intervention. Identify which drivers are affecting the overall safety of your fleet and target them with a specific training intervention online. Monitor their engagement and response to training content over time.

Driver Connect

Key Benefits

  • Identify & address driver behaviour issues: connect driver behaviour data and target risky drivers with online training content.
  • Share important information in real time: Enable collaborative sharing of ideas, solutions and company strategic objectives through learning and other means.
  • Communicate instantly with drivers: send quick messages or training content at a click of a button.
  • Centralise existing content: upload existing content such as documents and videos in a library and integrate with other systems if needed.
  • Facilitate online driver training needs: Send micro-learning video content at a click of a button and avoid having taking drivers off road for training.
  • Target driver communications: Share messages or content to individual, groups of drivers or fleet wide.
  • Utilise existing content library: use the existing content library of driver training videos.
  • Communicate in different languages: send messages in preferred languages so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Measure driver engagement: record driver engagement with content and messages.
  • Profile your drivers: understand your drivers and the impact of their behaviour – who is conscientious and who is putting your fleet at risk.

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