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Stock Inventory Management

Streamlining your parts inventory management with our digital solution can be a driving force in meeting your overall cost objectives. Our solution will help you achieve a more efficient maintenance programme and ensures your assets are back in service as soon as possible.

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Digitally optimise your stock inventory management system and drive your bottom line.

Feel assured that your assets get back in service as soon as possible following maintenance and repairs.

  • Optimise inventory process. Optimising your parts inventory techniques will drive a more efficient maintenance programme in your organisation.
  • Implement a leaner process for maintenance & repairs. When the right parts are on hand, engineers can complete service and repair work more efficiently, which lowers labour costs. If parts are not available for maintenance or repairs, these costs will rise.
  • Reduce workshop turnaround times. Save time in your workshops by having the right inventory available for your assets. Reducing this time ensures your asset is put back into service as quickly as possible to maintain revenue streams.


Key Benefits

  • More efficient reordering of parts: store relevant & comprehensive information about each part allowing for more efficient reordering and maintaining of adequate part levels.
  • Maintenance of stock levels: part usage is recorded as inventory moves out of stock and provides maintenance with the functionality required to perform cycle counts on scheduled dates.
  • Utilise & manage stock better: specify minimum stock quantities to trigger a re-order, so you never run out.
  • Manage costs: generate purchase orders, order payments to suppliers and set default spending limits for authorisation.
  • Analyse value & cost of parts/stock: generate reports on value / cost analysis of parts and stock.
  • Access to audit trails: get full audit trail of all stock and records in one central location.
  • Trigger useful alerts: trigger changes in stock levels and identify re-batable parts for reuse.
  • Identify stock rebates: find out quickly when parts are eligible for a rebate

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