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Incident Management

Support your remote driver in the event of a road incident, which can be stressful and traumatic. Give your drivers a quick and intuitive way of gathering as much information and detail about an incident whilst it’s still fresh in their mind.

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why our incident management solution?

You’ll get in front of incidents with real time workflows and easy data capture.

Relieve driver stress and concerns with step by step driver incident guides.

  • Make it easy for drivers to capture footage, location details and data from the incident and prevent financial damages.
  • Respond to incidents faster to reduce vehicle downtime

INCIDENT management

Key Benefits

  • Digitally capture vital data at incident scene: Simple, intuitive workflow to capture essential data and to help drivers through stressful situations.
  • Build supporting evidence for incidents: take multiple photos to facilitate a deeper investigation into contributing factors & extent of damage.
  • Record incident location: provide more accurate data of where an incident occurred.
  • Instantly provide data to third parties: provide data to assist with insurance claims or an investigation (from drivers, witnesses and police details) quickly and avoid delays.
  • Reduce vehicle downtime: deal with claims sooner.
  • Increase data reliability: know that data captured at scene is reliable and not prone to human error due to manual entry and a time lapse.

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