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Tachograph Analysis Software (UK & Ireland)

Accredited by DVSA Earned Recognition in the UK

Use tachograph analysis software that meets the best standard in terms of compliance. Fleets in the UK, can use Tranzaura to prove to the DVSA your a responsible provider whilst saving time by self-policing your tachograph compliance processes.

We provide a proactive way to make recording hours easier for the driver whilst optimising the way you manage workloads and availability.

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why our tachograph analysis software?

Our software meets the best standards in compliance and has being developed with the user in mind.

We make it easy and seamless to keep on top of driver compliance and meet your legal obligations as a fleet.

  • Remote driver infringements.
    Analysis of both digital & analogue system ensure each eventuality is covered. We enable transport operators to instantly manage infringements so drivers can acknowledge and sign them off remotely. This engagement with the driver is also supported with up-to-date Drivers Hours and WTD Legislation – an informative layer of information for point of reference.
  • Reduce driver downtime.
    Dealing with driver infringements remotely avoids the need to bring drivers off the road, back to the depot just to do paperwork, which decreases productivity and profitability. Information relating to each drivers’ hours, working time and infringements (together with any correspondence communicated by the transport manager to the driver) is also captured on the mobile device, a feature that is positively recognised by authorities.
  • More realistic and accurate view of driver availability. Have more accurate insight into time keeping and driver availability which will help support transport planners to create more realistic driver schedules and optimises driver productivity.

Tachograph Analysis

Key Benefits

  • Optimised process for safety and compliance: app based technology system to analysis the data for safety and compliance requirements
  • Analysis of both Digital & Analogue Systems: to enable users to cover all eventualities
  • Automated & efficient process for downloads: replace manual downloads with remote downloads
  • Handle infringements more effectively: manage driver infringements remotely.
  • Optimise driver productivity: access to real time data on driver availability to support efficient planning & scheduling of resources.
  • Visibility of driver availability: reduces need to ask drivers what driving and working time availability they have.
  • Analyse and identify events: missing mileage reports show details of events before, during & after to help analyse and identify where, why & how they occurred before it escalates.
  • Access vehicle metrics in one place: provide a more detailed understanding of vehicle history
  • Gain greater insight into performance: Dynamic reporting to manage all KPI’s on one screen to provide greater insight and evaluate performance
  • Keep productive & minimise disruption: earned recognition combined with shared information helps authorities, whilst helping you minimise the disruption caused by unnecessary audits and lost productivity.

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