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Make your fleet inspection experience a better one, elevating completion rates whilst improving safety.

Gather accurate and actionable information around inspection efficiency & compliance and instantly report defects before they escalate into more serious situations.

Our digital solution can be used for walk around checks, management checks, hire/off hire checks or PMIs.

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WHY OUR inspection Solution?

We go beyond digitally optimising your inspection process.

We make it simple and connected, whilst creating safer assets and drivers. See & know everything about your assets in real time and respond to any defects in record time.

  • Remove human error from the inspection process.
    A paper-based inspection and defect management solution isn’t a sustainable process and can be prone to human error. It is also an administrative burden, expensive and can just become a tick box exercise that is not carried out properly.
  • Empower drivers & employees to do a more conscientious inspection.
    Intuitive and simple to use for drivers of varying technology competencies. Extra safety features and functions are included to ensure inspections of high quality. This gives you peace of mind that both your drivers and assets are the safest they can be. Once the inspection is done, the results are submitted in real time to a manager.
  • Elevate inspection complete rates without compromising quality & safety.
    We speed up the inspection process in a way that does not compromises a quality and safe check being done. Not only is the asset safe but that the driver is engaged and behaving in the safest possible way. We go beyond digitally optimising your inspection process. We optimise your entire safety and compliance related processes.


Key Benefits

  • Get truly verifiable compliance: accurate information that good inspections were completed.
  • Improve inspection efficiency: one touch process and user friendly screens to allow drivers to efficiently carry out inspections.
  • Reduce asset downtime due to defects: instant reporting and clarity of unplanned maintenance
  • Confidence that drivers and assets are roadworthy: live information of inspections regardless of device or location gives management control and oversight of operation.
  • Real time reporting: live dashboards with information across depots
  • Be alerted of risk areas quickly: traffic light system indicates red alerts for immediate action.
  • Transparency of operation metrics: dynamic KPI reporting to immediately analysis several aspects of your operation so you can react accordingly.
  • Accessible compliance data: accurate and comprehensive information readily available for management or the authorities.
  • Mitigate risk quickly: Instant visibility around poor or absent inspections.
  • Optimised defect management: a lean process for defect alerts, resolution and costs across each department.
  • Unlimited customisation: Edit the inspection process to the needs of your operation.
  • Get reports when you need them: automate reports to be sent at the frequency you require.
  • Identify problems before they escalate: Record vehicle history centrally and identify problem vehicles immediately before they escalate.
  • Save money on the process: eliminating paper gives you back 90% of you admin resources.

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