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Asset Management

Our cloud-based asset management solution manages all your asset register, workshop management and inventory management requirements in one central place.

Ideal for large fleets operating in multiple locations with varying contract arrangements and maintenance agreements, managing all your fleet and equipment activities will be easier and more efficient.

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Get peace of mind that your assets are in optimal working order every day.

Our digital solution will not only store your asset data & documentation and automate your maintenance schedule but will also provide you with key insights on asset productivity that will drive more informed decision making.

  • Ensure your assets are always meeting operational requirements.
    Our lean and automated process allows for seamless scheduling of data, documentation for maintenance and legislation to keep your asset in good running order so you can continue to provide the service needed. Efficiently managing all aspects of your operation across safety, compliance engineering and 3rd party partners.
  • Keep all essential data in one place.
    We store all your fleet and asset data to enable your businesses to know the status, procurement date, owner/user, location, price, depreciation, and current value of any asset.
  • Have ongoing transparency on asset productivity.
    Manage the lifecycle of your assets and productivity costs and make more informed decisions on decommissioning if its outdated and causing productivity losses.


Key Benefits

  • Live dashboards: visual real-time reporting on asset status, MOT pass rate, defects, inspections.
  • Easy document management: automatically record completed inspections, maintenance, MOTs and general paperwork.
  • Centrally manage all asset requirements : manage all key requirements: including but not limited to Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment, Plant, Sites and Personnel.
  • Unlimited customisation: create your own dashboard or fields specifically for your operation.
  • Automated PMI inspections or maintenance: automate with your own or 3rd party workshops so you will never miss a service. Book unplanned defects and repairs when needed.
  • Preventative maintenance: asset monitoring for potential improvements or repairs to ensure the asset meets operational requirements.
  • Effective asset tracking: identify high-value assets like equipment, tools and people in real-time, as well as where they have been.
  • Access to asset history: view the history of changes to an asset and all activities such as in-house or outsourced service/inspections and all associated documentation.
  • Make better lifecycle & productivity decisions: high quality data to facilitate more informed decisions on asset replacement, upgrades, repurposing, decommissioning & disposals.
  • Utilise asset capacity: plan activities that make the best use of the available asset capacity.
  • Effective safety risk management tools: identify trends around safety issues and assets that are deteriorating abnormally for early intervention.
  • Deep dive into operations optimisation: mitigate risk with unique insights into day-to-day operations of an asset availability.
  • Dynamic KPI Reporting: real time analysis to give full transparency on metrics around your assets.
  • Instant defect management : leaner process for instant defect alerts, resolution and cost management across multiple departments.
  • Automated reporting: reports can be set to appear in your in box at the frequency you require.

Combining our Asset Management solution with
Workshop Management gives the added benefits of:

  • Increased productivity information: decommission an asset and warehouse its history for audit purposes. The costs of maintaining a fleet and the revenue the generated through Resource Planning can also be analysed.
  • Easy reporting of repairs: category codes can be assigned to allow for easy reporting for monitoring on specific vehicle, areas for comparison.
  • Defect Identification: defects can be more easily identified, by driver inspection, manually or by telematics (e.g. engine waring codes) or by usage/mileage.
  • Consolidation of jobs: consolidate ‘all jobs’ for an asset to increase productivity, save costs and reduce out of service hours
  • Visibility of maintenance tasks: Usage based maintenance tasks are visible to admin and technicians, with automated notifications.
  • Additional Tasks: tasks can be added to jobs covering service and maintenance, safety inspections and repairs.

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