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Resource Planning

Our cloud-based resource planning solution allows you to seamlessly schedule & track all fleet and equipment activities in one central booking system.

It’s ideal for large fleets operating in multiple locations, who find keeping track of assets tedious and time consuming.

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why our RESOURCE PLANNING solution?

Keep track of your assets in one central digital booking system.

Digitally optimise how you track and schedule your assets and you’ll save time scheduling and avoid unnecessary errors.

  • Automated & leaner process for resource planning. Automating resource planning with a lean process can help busy operations achieve more seamless scheduling of assets, equipment and people.
  • Effectively manage fleet & equipment asset data in one place.
    Efficiently manage your fleet and equipment asset data to enable complete visibility on the status, booking date, customer, location, price and all contract documentation.
  • Gain complete transparency on asset availability.
    Have immediate transparency over ongoing asset availability across other solutions such as workshop to avoid double bookings if the asset is out of service.


Key Benefits

  • Populate customer data easily: automated customer information populates from the database, including previous prices for quick comparison.
  • Capture necessary site activities: GPS job location and photos can capture necessary site and arrangements activities.
  • Populate & customise documentation: all necessary documentation can be populated & customized to automatically attach for accurate processing & sign off.
  • Seamless communications: Email and SMS Messaging function ensures seamless communications on job details.
  • Full audit trails at your fingertips: gain immediate access of all current and historical jobs as well as status.
  • Manage requirements better: specific job / customer requirements can be accommodated, reported and actioned by the right people and the right time.
  • Eliminate paper for more cost approach: digitising this process makes non-value add administration redundant giving you back 98% of resources.
  • Transparency over asset availability: dynamic calendar scheduler gives you immediate transparency over asset availability, booking status and quotes to be confirmed.
  • Efficiently manage Real-time bookings: avoid double booking with real-time activities to know which assets are available for customers across multiple users.

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