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An innovative platform to promote dynamic learning and remote worker communications to increase driver retention and safety.

Driver connect



  • Virtual communications bridge between the driver and the company to prevent driver from becoming disenfranchised.
  • Enable collaborative sharing of ideas, solutions and company strategic objectives through learning and other means.
  • Communicate instantly with drivers by sending messages or training content. Even acknowledge their achievements and send a simple happy birthday message.
  • Facilitate driver training needs without getting them in to one room. Send micro-learning video content at a click of a button to switch on their awareness and make them better drivers.
  • Share operational information & processes: such as access to ‘how to guides’ or send them special instructions or even book holidays.
  • Manage existing content such as documents and videos in a library and integrate with other systems if needed.
  • Break any language barriers by sending messages in preferred language so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Manage driver records to ensure they are always compliant and on code.
  • Builds closer relationships with your drivers and make the driver feel part of the company and not like a lone remote worker.
  • Increase driver retention and avoid costs associated with re-hiring by having happy drivers that feel needed and wanted.