Tranzaura creates electronic vehicle compliance app for Go-Ahead London

Go-Ahead London, London’s biggest bus company, has signed a five-year contract with Tranzaura to ensure pre-service vehicle inspection checks across its 2,300-vehicle fleet are electronically undertaken by a mobile phone app, rather than paper-based.

The deal follows a successful three-month pilot last year of 51 all-electric buses at the company’s award-winning Waterloo Garage and the App will be introduced to all 16 of its garages during 2019.

The app replaces paper-based checks which are resource intensive, costly and subject to human error. It enables Go-Ahead London to integrate unplanned maintenance into an electronic maintenance system and positively influence driver behaviour.

Go-Ahead London Engineering Director, Richard Harrington, said: “We set a clear vision for the critically-important pre-service vehicle check process and spent considerable time researching what was available from a number of potential suppliers.  We wanted to create a bespoke and future-proof system that takes account of changing legislation and/or company rules.  We live in a fast moving and technological world, so it makes sense to embrace the benefits of digital recording and management, while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Chris McKeown, the company’s Chief Engineer, added: “The Waterloo trial proved the technology and it was easily understood by our drivers.  Working closely with Tranzuara, we have created a thoughtful and effective check that ensures ongoing compliance.  By the end of this year, all vehicle defects will be managed in a more proactive manner, supported by accurate report data.”

Shane Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Tranzaura said: “Go-Ahead London presented us with a real challenge, which we welcomed.  Based on our industry experience, we developed a solution that we are very proud of.  Instead of a paper trail, the company now has an app that takes a driver through an easily understood safety check to pre-determined standards by walking around the vehicle and recording items on a smart phone.  We believe there is a market for this solution elsewhere and are pleased to have pioneered it with an operator of international repute.”

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