Tranzaura’s Vehicle Inspection App helps Nottingham City Transport deal with defects in real time and make more informed decisions on defect management

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) have 310 buses across 2 depots and in June 2020 they rolled out a digital transformation project to improve their driver defect reporting system which was previously paper based. They wanted a more efficient system which enabled them to react quickly to defects.

Why NCT embarked on a digital transformation journey for defect reporting?

When driver defect reporting was done on paper, they would collect all paper books/cards from drivers every night, check for defects and clear these through the night. They also had no idea what these defects were until the bus came in. This old fashioned, manual process was completely inefficient. Staff were also put on evening shifts without knowing if there was any work for them to do, until they started their shift.

How the project was implemented and works?

Firstly, NCT went digital for their daily walk-around checks to improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of this process. Tranzaura then integrated the vehicle inspection check app with the NCT 3rd party digital workshop management system. Every 5 mins Tranzaura talks to this system and translates live defects which automatically appear in this engineering system. As defects are cleared, a notification is sent back to the Tranzaura platform, which notifies the driver and engineer.

What have been the benefits of this digital project for the NCT engineering team and wider business?
  • Reduced need for night time staff by 50% and realigned resources to day time shifts when needed
  • Significantly improved communications between drivers and engineers
  • Real time view of entire fleet
  • No longer dealing with yesterdays defects. Todays defects are reacted to in real time rather than waiting for drivers to bring in paper dockets
  • Takes emphasis/pressure off drivers making decisions on whether vehicles are road worthy
  • Gives the engineering department better tools to protect operators license in a more efficient way
  • Ability to make more informed decisions on how and when defects are managed
  • Full end to end audit trail of every defect available

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To hear about their experience of working with the Tranzaura team, click below to hear a video testimonial from from Liam O’Brien, Chief Engineer at Nottingham City Transport

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