Tranzaura helps Travis Perkins share messages & training content direct to the phone of their 6,000 remote drivers

Travis Perkins plc operate a complex fleet, with a wide spread network over 1600 branches. With around 6,000 drivers (both regular and occasional) communication and overall fleet safety is of huge importance to the Fleet team at Travis Perkins.

One of the biggest challenges faced has been to cascade messages out to remote drivers. This challenge has existed due to the  layers of management that sit between head office and the drivers themselves.

Since 2017, Travis Perkins has used Tranzaura’s Driver Connect App to cascade specific messages, straight to a Driver’s phone. The App has also been used to educate Drivers with short, educational videos around specific Driver behaviour training themes.

Previously, if Travis Perkins wanted to get a message out, a memo would be sent out via email through Branch Managers, with no way to track delivery and engagement. Now, communications are sent directly to the Driver’s phone and they have to watch the video before they leave for the day. In some cases, Drivers are aware of things before other team members have even got into the office.

The benefits of Driver Connect for Travis Perkins

  • Avoids the Chinese Whispers – gets the right, consistent messages out to Drivers, at the right time
  • Facilitates regular messaging to Drivers throughout the year. In most cases, these are proactive messages but can be reactive when something has happened in the business i.e a safety concern or policy change
  • Ensures all Drivers find out information quickly and gives management an audit trail that Drivers have received information
  • Allows comms to be targeted and manipulated to specific Drivers, groups of Drivers or depots – ensuring the right information goes out to the right people
  • Sends a weekly Monday Message to Drivers, where Drivers share what is impacting them along with some key comms for that week
  • Provides a platform for regular, online proactive Driver training, minimising the need to bring Drivers off the road for training
  • Video training content can be sent to Drivers at a click of a button along with a series of multiple choice questions to test their awareness

To view the full Travis Perkins & Tranzaura story, click below to view a video from Richard Horton, Fleet Director at Travis Perkins plc

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