[eBook] Transforming Your Fleet’s Productivity, Safety & Profitability

Does making sense of your fleet data seem like an impossible task?

As fleet operators, we find ourselves with access to endless uninformative data amongst multiple disconnected systems around drivers and vehicles.  Be it on paper, in Excel files, on telematics systems, or elsewhere. The lack of insightful and intelligent data can be frustrating and overwhelming. 

In this eBook from Tranzaura , we hear from fleet operators at Travis Perkins PLCGoAhead London; and O’Carroll Crane & Haulage, where they share their individual stories of data integration and how they have made significant improvements within their fleet operations as a result of connecting their data systems.

  • Fleet’s Productivity – Find out how driver & vehicle data integration has saved Travis Perkins 41,000 labour hours and increased visibility on fleet and driver safety & compliance
  • Vehicle Reliability – How connecting & better presenting data in real-time has influenced decision-making and led to significant improvements in vehicle reliability & performance across GoAhead London’s fleet of 2,500 buses
  • Fleet Safety – Discover how Travis Perkins can create a digital snapshot of a driver & vehicle within 30 minutes of a major RTI occurring, by connecting their fleet data around vehicle & driver compliance, and driver behaviour & training
  • Profitability – Travis Perkins share how they realised £680,000 worth of business benefit through connecting all data and automating routine admin tasks

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