Benefits of having a Consolidated System to Manage Driver Compliance and Vehicle Maintenance

Using various systems to manage your fleet can be time consuming and a waste of resources, leading to inefficient systems, administration burdens and most importantly, data siloes. This makes doing your job more difficult than it needs to be. Studies show that the use of digital systems for fleet management has grown exponentially in the last decade. Although the switch to digital is the right direction, companies are still using multiple systems across their fleet leading to various issues.

How can this scenario be avoided to benefit drivers you ask? By having an accredited software on a consolidated system managing your vehicle maintenance and driver compliance, of course! (Which is exactly what Tranzaura is, if we haven’t mentioned already…)

This blog will outline the benefits of using Tranzaura to manage driver compliance and vehicle maintenance.

  • Enhanced Compliance and Safety: Digitising your compliance and maintenance allows you to have automated, up to date, real time information. This means that tasks like log creation, training and inspection reminders are readily available, ensuring that drivers are up to date with regulations and stay compliant, taking corrective action when necessary and avoid fines or breakdowns. You can share KPI’s and evidence your audits easily.
  •  Become Proactive rather than Reactive: Using an automated system allows data driven insights to inform driver behaviour. Insights from reports can show when defects may occur, allowing them to communicate with engineers and technicians before a breakdown rather than after. This also enables preventive maintenance to take place, as they can look at trends in the data and use it for future inspections, thus reducing vehicle and driver downtime.
  • Increased Efficiency (and Compliance and Maintenance): Having a consolidated system means that everything is in the one place, allowing for more streamlined workflows and time saving, significantly reducing paperwork and administrative burdens for both drivers and managers. This can also have a domino effect on other areas in the business such as cost savings and communication between drivers, engineers and managers. This provides a holistic view of compliance and maintenance, integrating these critical aspects into overall fleet management strategies.

Why Choose Tranzaura as your Earned Recognition Software Provider?

Tranzaura allows you to do all of this with our Earned Recognition Accredited software. With our consolidated platform, you have comprehensive view of your data. We’re your ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to dealing with driver compliance and vehicle maintenance. Reduce your audit times and penalties and increase savings and efficiency using Tranzaura. Our system is built entirely on API’s meaning that we can integrate with other providers, making sure your data is always there for you and the DVSA at the touch of a button!

To find out how you can be Earned Recognition Ready with Tranzaura, contact a member of our team today.