Blog: The benefits of remote downloads for driver cards

As part of our Tachograph analysis solution you can now remotely download drivers cards and tacho head units. This replaces the manual way of doing it and provides an innovative solution with some major benefits.

Here are the benefits to remote downloads;

  1. Eradicates the labour intensive nature of doing it manually:  previously somebody would have to pick up a download tool, meet the vehicle and driver to schedule physically downloading vehicles; which is hugely time consuming. Now there is a device fitted to the vehicle which downloads the info and sends this back to the office while the driver is still on the road.
  2. Facilitates real time analysis: it allows you to log onto a vehicle and monitor the time spent driving by the driver. With drivers allocation being 9 hours, you can see how many hours they have left in their driving day and also help resource jobs better.
  3. Reallocation of transport managers time to do things that matter: with unnecessary administration time eradicated with remote downloads, Transport Managers can spend time on operational tasks as opposed to laboursome tasks which cost your company extra costs.
  4. Improves productivity: it also helps planners of drivers and vehicles do tasks in real time and more affectively which enviably increases productivity.