Blog: The traits of a disconnected fleet driver

Updated on 01/04/2021

Fleet Drivers can become disenfranchised because of the loneliness of the job and the remote nature of what they do. This can lead to a disconnected frame of mind which unfortunately results in unsafe behaviours and retentions issues.

Here are some of the traits that a disconnected driver can show. It also might help flag to you why you might be encountering unsafe driver behaviour or retention issues.

  1. Withdrawn and disengaged

    naturally drivers can feel isolated due to the remote nature of their job; tirelessly driving anywhere and everywhere and detached from the office. This can lead to them feeling a little withdrawn and disengaged from their job responsibilities; which will enviably start to affect productivity and efficiency.

  2. Risk Taker:

    a driver that has a disconnected frame of mind can unfortunately be more of a risk taker and will exhibit more unsafe behaviours when out driving. This therefore puts the driver at risk but also the organisation in terms of safety culture and potential costs related to accidents or any vehicle damage.

  3. Non-communicative: 

    this is very common in remote workers and does not bode well in the long term. It can affect the relationship between the company and its drivers. Communication flow can get blocked when the driver feels disconnected and can be difficult to resolve unless formal processes that promote a culture of open communication are put in place.

  4. Try to solve problems themselves:

    when feeling detached from the office and a lone driver, they can be tempted to solve problems themselves and in isolation. However, this is not effective or reliable for organisations as problems may need to be collectively resolved together for a more successful outcome.

  5. Just not switched on :

    A disconnected driver can just appear switched off, making their safety awareness limited or just not there at all. This is another reason for unsafe driver behaviour.

  6. Unhappy in the job :

    like any employees, drivers need to feel needed and wanted. But drivers in particular can be unhappy because they feel lonely and disconnected from the office and other workers.

  7. One foot out the door:

A very big problem in the industry which leads to retention issues. A disconnected driver will seem like they always have one foot out of the door and this is an organisations nightmare; from cost of hiring, training, knowledge loss and agency hire to keep vehicles on the road.

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