Creating a Culture of Open Communication with Fleet Drivers

“Communication must be HOT: Honest, Open, and Two-way.” –Dan Oswald, CEO, Business and Legal Resources, Inc.

Employee engagement is the number one key to compliance and safety. When employees are actively engaged, they are more invested in the success of the company and more attuned to safety.

Want to improve your driver safety and compliance?  Take positive steps to engage your employees. That starts with solid communication and a clear understanding of what’s expected. You can’t just talk about safety and expect it to happen. You have to provide training and reinforcement.

Digital Remote Training and Driver Communication

One of the things we know from first-hand experience is that the communication gap between management and drivers can be significant. It takes work to build closer relationships with drivers and make them feel a part of your team instead of just a remote worker — especially when you may not always have one-on-one contact with them frequently.

That’s why Tranzaura developed its digital remote training and communication solution called Driver Connect. Driver Connect is an innovative platform that promotes dynamic learning for drivers that helps increase engagement, improve retention, and focus on safety.

Driver Connect helps keep the communication lines open. Without any change to your organisational structure, without adding in any additional complexity to your operation and without jeopardising the quality of your service you can make your drivers feel part of the team.

Communication is key.

Engagement Makes a Significant Difference

Imagine what it would do for your bottom line if you could reduce your accidents by half. Companies with workers that aren’t engaged see a 37% higher rate of absenteeism, 60% more errors, and 49% more accidents. Even a slight improvement in your engagement levels can make a big difference.

You can’t take this for granted. Gallup’s recent study State of the Global Workplace reveals that only 8% of UKI workers are engaged in their jobs. That leaves a lot of ground for improvement. Creating more effective communication with your team is a must, but it also must be done properly.

“HOT” communication also puts an emphasis on the “T” — which stands for two-way communication. You can’t just lecture your drivers and expect to get the engagement you need. They need to feel connected and heard. You need to listen to their concerns and engage with your drivers to understand what’s happening.

Driver Connect allows for bi-directional communication. Drivers can respond to any message or video in the system to begin a dialogue. This could be a question relating to a training video to ensure they’ve understood it correctly or simply feedback on their general well-being on the back of a video message from the CEO.

This two-way communication helps keep everyone connected and helps prevent drivers from feeling disconnected. You can use Driver Connect to deliver training videos, provide alerts, celebrate milestones, or even just to wish your driver a happy birthday.

Managing Driver Welfare

Right now, driver welfare is more important than ever. Drivers need to feel confident that you are paying attention to them and trying to help. There’s so much fake news, myths, and conspiracy theories floating around on social media, it can lead to anxiety and stress. If they’re not hearing from you about safety, they may not know the truth.

Driver Connect is more than just a training app. It provides a platform for total fleet communication. It enables operations and senior management to deliver messages, assurances, news, and business-related policies and procedures in addition to training videos. This helps provide the peace of mind that each of your drivers (or any remote workers) are kept well informed.

Driver Connect also provides a complete audit trail, so you can check to make sure the message was received and training has been completed.

More Engaged Drivers

This engagement will help assure better compliance and safety on the job. It keeps your drivers more engaged and connected to the team.

There’s another big benefit from drivers that are more engaged. They tend to stick around longer. When workers are more vested in company goals, the retention rate is higher, too. Regular, consistent, and empathetic communication with your team pays off on the bottom line as well. Companies with high employee engagement levels are 22% more profitable on average.

Communication creates happier employees, safer drivers, and more profit. That sound like a winning combination.

If you’d like to take a deeper drive into creating a culture of open communication with fleet drivers, download our eBook, 7 Steps to Getting the Most from Your Drivers, Keeping Safe, Compliant, and Engaged.