Easier Fleet Management with Tranzaura

Fleet managers know that information is their most valuable resource. But a fleet management system can provide so much of it that it can be hard to make sense of – there’s just too much to process. The “information overload” feeling is difficult to get away from, too; many fleet managers resort to information exported to spreadsheets, external dashboards, and other third party tools. The problem there is that none of those are designed to handle the precise and time-sensitive nature of fleet information. In other information management, one outlying data source isn’t a concern, but when you’re looking at driver or vehicle information, that data source may need immediate attention before there’s an accident. Dashboard software can’t handle that, and spreadsheets certainly won’t!

Asset Management

Tranzaura’s suite of integrated applications, which are specifically designed from the ground up for fleet management can make this a lot easier. The Asset Management app is the foremost of these, making tracking your vehicles and equipment straightforward. It stores your asset data & documentation in easily accessible formats, and automates your maintenance schedule. It will also provide you with key insights on asset productivity, which drives vastly more informed decision making, streamlining your work on a day-to-day basis.

Fleet Inspections

Next, the Fleet Inspections app makes everything in fleet management easier. Your drivers can do a quick, easy check of vehicles at the start of the day, or you can have routine fleet inspections done in a fraction of the time that paper forms – or spreadsheets or word processor documents – take. And the information all flows back into the database, where it’s integrated with data from the other apps, so that connections are made automatically, making it very easy to draw out the details you need.

Tachograph Analysis

For more day-to-day work, the Tachograph Analysis product is the workhorse of the product suite. You can manage and monitor all your drivers with great precision, and the app provides a proactive way to make recording hours easier for the driver – while at the same time optimising the way you manage workloads and availability. And this is all in the app itself – no external dashboards or spreadsheets! This makes your planning much less of a burden and provides a digital way for management to ensure that all their legal obligations are being met.

Incident Manager

In the event of an incident, the Incident Manager app comes to the fore. You can easily provide support for a remote driver, which reduces stress and trauma, and gets them quickly and safely home or back on the road, depending on the incident and that specific driver’s needs. The app also gives your drivers a quick and intuitive way of gathering as much information and detail about an incident whilst it’s still fresh in their mind, which is essential for insurance as well as for your own analysis.

All the apps integrate thoroughly into your existing workflows, and make them simpler and clearer. This avoids information overload, makes responding to actual issues faster and less stressful, and generally makes the work of the fleet manager easier.

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