Emergency Services Fleet Management Software

Emergency Services vehicle fleet management is essential, and Tranzaura’s software and apps make it easier, more efficient, and safer. That’s the feedback we’ve had from customers who are using the emergency services fleet management systems we provide. Obviously, every minute counts, and everything that saves time – and prevents vehicle breakdowns – is well worth the effort. 

You can read about how the Irish Order of Malta uses Tranzaura’s vehicle check app to ensure ambulances are in good working order. The safety checks are done using the Tranzaura App, with the driver just walking around the vehicle, and updating as they go. This improves efficiency (and safety) across the entire fleet. That translates to time saved in the workshop, or at the base, and means more time being able to fulfill their charitable mandate, including community and elderly care services all across Ireland.

Tranzaura’s apps can also extend further into safety and tracking – our workshop management app shows what needs to be repaired, and tracks time and resources until the ambulance or other vehicle is back on the road, for example. We also provide fleet asset management, tachograph analysis, driver feedback software, stock inventory management systems, incident reporting apps, and tracking and fleet telematics software. You can replace all your paper tracking with emergency services fleet management software – and this applies just as well to fire services as it does to ambulances.

We can, of course, take care of differences between services, or the particular needs of your geographic area or city with bespoke changes to the apps you use, making sure that they’re the most efficient they can possibly be, and make your work as easy and as safe as it can be.

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