Enhancing communication and collaboration in fleet workshops with mobile tablets

In a busy workshop environment, efficient communication and collaboration are critical to success. In this blog post, we delve into the transformative potential of mobile tablets for enhancing these aspects within fleet workshops, and how those benefits can extend out into the rest of the organisation. 

How mobile tablets unlock greater team communication and collaboration

Mobile tablets enable seamless communication between technicians, managers, and other team members, enhancing collaboration and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.

Greater accountability 

With mobile app-based systems, there is never any uncertainty about which technician is assigned to each job and vehicle. If a job is shared, the tasks remain clearly assigned to each mechanic. This improves autonomy and accountability, and circumvents the need for your technicians to ask an admin assistant or scheduler to do this for them. Electronic proof is then immediately available when engineers complete work and a manager signs this off.

360-degree visibility to real-time information 

As soon as a technician has completed a task, or attached a photo to a job, that information is immediately available for review by other members of the organisation, from anywhere in the world. This real-time information exchange fuels collaborative working between departments.

Simple performance management 

Service and inspection times can be monitored and measured by management, without the need to spend hours on the workshop floor, micromanaging your team. This data can enable performance benchmarking and drive productivity improvements, with live dashboards on daily capacity, total jobs, requests and planned activity.  

Information access from anywhere in the workshop

Mobile tablet-based systems accompany the technician wherever they go, continually improving a technician’s situational awareness. By providing them with real-time access to information, communication, data and remote assistance, mechanics can make better decisions and avoid costly or dangerous mistakes.

Effective management of workshop capacity 

Any designated members of your fleet and maintenance team can book and manage maintenance activities in a comprehensive workshop calendar. Everyone has real-time visibility of the vehicles that are booked in for service and not available. This enhances collaboration between the dispatch and workshop teams and prevents costly errors of work being assigned to vehicles that are off the road. 

Improved collaboration with Tranzaura’s fleet maintenance app

Tranzaura’s mobile tablet-based fleet maintenance app creates a more collaborative work environment by facilitating real-time information flow – both within the workshop, and throughout the wider organisation. 

The workshop team can collaborate safely on jobs, knowing that each task is clearly assigned to themselves for true accountability. Management can gain access to real-time reporting of mechanics’ tasks, stock and assets for complete visibility and control. Meanwhile, information passes directly into your other departments’ IT systems, with our app integrating with 100% of APIs. This boosts productivity for other departments, from finance for billing, procurement, and budget management, to transport operations for greater ease in dispatching.

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