Fleet Driver Safety with Driver Connect

You’re concerned about fleet driver safety. You want to be able to provide training where it’ll do the most good, make sure your drivers are up to date on everything they need to know, and give them on-the-spot updates when necessary. Tranzaura’s Driver Connect is the best tool on the market to ensure fleet driver safety.

Driver Connect is a two-way messaging and information system, which gives you the ability to directly contact your fleet drivers. It also allows you as the fleet manager to identify when an individual driver’s safety practices are slipping, and lets you target those drivers with a proactive, online training intervention. The driver need not feel singled out, and the training gets to exactly where it’s needed, before the safety issues become an actual problem. 

You can apply this principle at a high level across your entire fleet, too – identifying which groups of drivers are affecting the overall safety of your fleet, and targeting them with specific training. Driver Connect can help you identify all kinds of issues, whether they’re directly with your fleet drivers, or with equipment, locations, or even changes in traffic or port regulations – all before they surface in any other way. 

You can also monitor fleet driver engagement and response to training content over time, allowing you to pick out which drivers are making the most progress, and which need some further help. Training and engagement are two of the most important factors in employee retention, too, so as well as improving the safety of your fleet, you’ll be decreasing turnover and all the overheads associated with it. And experienced drivers are also usually the safest on the road, so you’ll be improving the safety standards of your fleet at the same time – coming full circle!

Driver Connect can be customised to your needs and your fleet’s needs. Contact us today to see what we can do!