Fleet Management for Beginners

For many companies that have fleets of vehicles, be they buses, emergency services vehicles, transport fleets, or waste collection, fleet management is hard work. It’s tempting to look for ways to outsource it. But fleet management software like Tranzaura’s can save you time and money, and make managing the vehicles – whatever they are! – easy.

This article introduces the whole concept of fleet management, and talks you through what you need to do. Tranzaura will be here to help with all of it. And really, it doesn’t need to be complicated. There are just two major aspects you need to consider.

Step One Plan

Step one is to have a plan. This will make acquiring your fleet management systems much easier, and it’s the point at which many organisations fail. List your current assets – vehicles, parking spaces, loading bays, fuel tanks and fuel points, spare parts, garages, workshops, driver accommodation if you have it, and so on. Just making this list may well show up where you have gaps you need to fill, or possibly where you can save some money by reducing the numbers of an asset that’s over-provided. Looking at this, you can plan ahead, and decide what directions you want to move in for the best management of your fleet.

Armed with this information, fleet management software will help you with setting preventive maintenance schedules for the whole fleet; finding the right mechanic or workshop (and getting the vehicle there), working out a process for unexpected repairs, and setting up pre- and post-trip inspection criteria which can feed into the app.

Clear defined goals – Tranzaura REPORTS

The second thing is to set clear defined goals, and work out how you’re going to measure them. The fleet management software will get you efficient reports on the fleet’s performance, which in turn will show you the places where things are going well – and therefore need no intervention – and the places where something isn’t working. You need to be sure that the things you’re tracking are important, too; you need to do something with each piece of information coming in, and it needs to feed into a goal. You also need to store this information – Tranzaura provides cloud storage for all your fleet’s data.

Once you have the plan and the goals, everything else is process, and that’s where Tranzaura shines. We’ll help you get the best, most efficient processes in place, and leave your fleet management as easy and straightforward as it can be.

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