Fleet Management Software for Waste Collection

Waste collection fleet management software is big business now. Every household and business generates some amount of waste, and almost all of them need to have it collected, usually from kerbside bins. There are about 17,500 waste trucks operating in the United Kingdom, for example, and more than 1300 in Ireland. All of these vehicles need to be maintained, and all of them need to have their movements tracked and analysed. That’s where Tranzaura’s fleet management software comes in.

Tranzaura provides apps and cloud-based vehicle inspection software to manage routine checks, which are completed digitally with  a few taps on the screen. Fleet asset management software means you can track where collection vehicles are, which ones are being repaired, and even go all the way to workshop management. Tachograph analysis software makes it easy to proactively track driver hours, optimising the way you manage workloads and availability. 

The Waste Industry Safety & Health Forum (WISH) in the UK says that “Collection activities account for the largest proportion of accidents in the waste and recycling industries. Operating a vehicle-based collection service has the potential to expose collection crews, other road users and pedestrians to a range of hazards.” But Tranzaura’s software keeps your people safer. And if there is an accident, our incident tracking app can support your drivers and other staff,  giving them a quick and intuitive way of gathering as much information as possible about an incident while it’s still fresh in their mind.

Obviously, waste collection vehicles are not the only ones that waste management companies need to operate; Tranzaura’s software can also be used for tractors, access vehicles of all kinds, vans, company cars – essentially any kind of vehicle.

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