Improve Fleet Driver Retention with Tranzaura

For any fleet manager, driver retention is one of the most pressing issues of the post-pandemic era. Drivers are disappearing from the rosters of almost any transport department or company, tempted away by other offers, or by different jobs entirely, and despite all the efforts of HR managers, it seems like there’s little that can be done about it.

Problems cited by drivers include difficulties and poorer working conditions caused by Brexit, remuneration, long hours, and a lack of support from their employers. This is, of course, also a part of the Great Resignation, as it’s called, wherein huge numbers of employees in every sector are reconsidering their employment. Much of this is out of your control as a fleet manager, but there are definitely things you can do to help retain drivers. A lot of it falls under “ways to support your drivers”, and that’s where Tranzaura’s suite of apps can help.

Driver Connect

The main element of this is the Driver Connect app, which makes communicating with your fleet drivers incredibly easy. You can send messages to all drivers, to some group based on particular criteria, or to one driver in particular, update them on new regulations, paperwork, or major incidents, or even deliver training, without taking them off the road. This ease of communication means you can take the time to make sure that each driver is getting exactly what they need from the organisation, and that they feel they’re supported, listened to and looked after. 

Asset Management and Inspection

You can also smooth the road for your drivers with the Asset Management and Inspection apps; these two in conjunction cut down massively on the amount of paperwork you and the drivers need to handle. The Inspection app, in particular, is a user-friendly way of doing daily vehicle inspections without the need for physical paper, email submissions, or spreadsheet tracking – a genuine quality of life improvement for everyone involved!

In the event that there are incidents or accidents on the road, your drivers will also appreciate the Incident/Accident app, which allows them to capture all the details they need to handle quickly and easily, and be back on the road with an absolute minimum of stress or difficulty. Quite apart from the unpleasantness of an accident itself, the availability of support and the surrounding work in dealing with paperwork and reports can be very difficult for drivers, so easing this is a very clear way to demonstrate that they’re valued members of the organisation.

The Tranzaura suite cuts down on the time you need to spend on reports, spreadsheets, and other information handling, meaning that you can spend more time communicating with your drivers. Being able to treat them as individuals is one of the things that will improve your retention more than anything else.

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