Improving Workshop Technician Productivity with Mobile Tablets

Technician productivity is a crucial metric for fleet and workshop directors to control, but one that is hard to quantify with paper-based maintenance systems. The integration of mobile tablets into the workshop environment is a game-changer, enhancing technician productivity by streamlining workflows and providing access to vital information in real-time.

In this blog article, we will explore the various ways in which mobile tablet-based maintenance apps can improve fleet technician productivity, enabling workshops to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Give your technicians the power to boost their own productivity

Once a mobile tablet-based maintenance system has been implemented, your technicians and workshop will benefit from:

No more transcribing of paper records

On average, paper-based workshops lose 2 hours a day in admin time, as paper records are painfully transcribed onto workshop PCs. This can amount to the same time that technicians would otherwise be able to spend servicing another asset.

Smoother workflows

With a mobile maintenance app, your technicians log in at the start of each day and get instant access to their allocated jobs. With simple click-through workflows and the ability to take and attach relevant photos in real-time, work rates are instantly increased. 

Access to real-time information

Mobile tablets provide technicians with instant access to critical information such as vehicle maintenance history directly from the workshop floor. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches through physical records, allowing technicians to focus their time on productive tasks.

Increased technician autonomy

A technician will start the day with a number of jobs assigned to them. If they are able to complete these jobs before their shift ends, they can use their app to see other vehicles that are due to be serviced, and then assign a new task to themselves. This gives them the power to increase their own productivity without having to seek out a workshop manager or scheduler to allocate them additional work. 

Greater managerial oversight

With access to live dashboards and reports on daily capacity, total jobs, and planned activity, workshop managers can easily track their workshop productivity KPIs. Job times can be benchmarked for performance review, and daily workshop profitability can be tracked. You can only manage what you can measure, and this real-time data allows managers to optimise a core KPI that would have gone untracked with paper-based systems. 

By increasing technician productivity with the help of mobile tablets, you can improve your bottom line by increasing fleet uptime. Not only that, but you also create the opportunity to earn additional revenue by freeing up workshop availability to take on paid-for third party work.

Why choose Tranzaura’s fleet maintenance app for mobile tablets?

With Tranzaura’s workshop maintenance app, your technicians will have the power in their own hands to improve workshop productivity and profitability. Their working day will become more efficient with easy workflows, greater accountability, and instant access to a vehicle’s full record history, including completed inspections, maintenance records, defects and resolutions, and MOTs. 

Meanwhile, fleet and workshop directors and managers will gain access to real-time dashboards and reports to track your engineers and workshop in terms of productivity, cost and efficiencies.

Speak to our team today to find out how our mobile tablet-based maintenance system can boost your technicians’ productivity and your workshop’s profitability.