Reducing Fleet Downtime with Mobile Tablet Maintenance

For all engineering and fleet managers and directors, reducing fleet downtime is critical to operational success.

A failure to control this metric can result in an inflated fleet, service underperformance, and ultimately, a heavy impact on your bottom line. Mobile tablet-based apps for the workshop provide the opportunity to take control of this metric and drive up fleet availability. 

The power of mobile tablet-based inspections for reducing fleet downtime;

Transitioning from a paper-based fleet inspection and maintenance system to one that technicians can access from mobile tablets reduces fleet downtime by:

  • Reducing inspection time: Mobile tablets allow technicians to perform inspections much faster than traditional paper-based methods. Your workshop team will have immediate and easy access to the information they need to get the job done quickly.  
  • Reducing admin demands on workshop technicians: Admin time is halved, as technicians no longer have to make notes on paper and then transpose them to a PC. This increases their availability to complete work on other vehicles in the fleet when they’ve finished inspecting their allocated vehicle. 
  • Increasing technician productivity: Technicians no longer have to search for other team members to find the work they’ve been allocated. And once all allocated services have been completed, the technician then can see what other vehicles need attention in the workshop and proactively assign these tasks to themselves.
  • Allowing for accurate measurement: A previously unquantifiable metric, inspection time can now be accurately and simply measured to quantify success and drive further efficiencies. 
  • Creating a healthier fleet: The high-quality, real-time information collected by mobile tablets will improve overall fleet condition, reducing the instances of unplanned downtime. With the workshop team using mobile tablets for inspections and maintenance, repetitive and missed defects will become a problem of the past.  

Why Tranzaura’s mobile tablet maintenance solution?

Tranzaura has invested significant time in UX design and UI design to make our fleet maintenance app simple to use, read and understand. Working both online and offline, you’ll never risk losing vital data, even if your technician is working underground in a pit, or your workshop is based in a remote area. Information is stored locally and sent instantly when data connection is available. 

Our mobile tablet workshop app puts the power in the hands of the user, driving down fleet downtime and allowing engineering and fleet managers and directors to make informed, intelligent decisions without delay. 

Speak with one of our team here to understand how Tranzaura’s fleet maintenance app could reduce your fleet’s downtime and improve your bottom line