Streamlined Preventive Maintenance Inspections using Mobile Tablets

A preventative maintenance programme is a core component of all successful fleets, guaranteeing the safe and efficient operation of your vehicles. 

Check out this blog article to learn how mobile tablets in fleet workshops can help to streamline preventative maintenance inspections, so that you can get the best out of your fleet. 

The benefits of preventive maintenance

By following a regular schedule of inspections, you can identify and correct potential problems before they become major issues. A preventive maintenance programme helps to:

  • Lengthen vehicle service lifespans
  • Lower the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Increase service efficiency
  • Decrease unplanned downtime
  • Improve fleet health
  • Improve fuel economy by as much as 5% – 10%

How mobile tablet-based apps streamline preventative maintenance inspections 

Mobile tablets are a valuable tool for workshop directors and fleet directors who want to streamline their preventive maintenance inspections. 

Increased inspection efficiency

Mobile tablets allow workshop technicians to quickly and easily enter inspection data, with simple workflows that are logical for team members to use, saving them time that they can spend working on another asset in the fleet. As work records are signed off in the app, you also benefit from immediate electronic proof that the job has been completed.  

Improved accuracy

Mobile tablets make it easier for mechanics to complete inspections accurately. All the information is entered into the system without delay and the tablet’s camera can be used to take pictures of any defects and attach them to the record immediately. 

Easy proof of compliance

The mobile tablet app can automatically store completed inspections, maintenance records and MOT history so that you have a complete electronic service record for each and every vehicle in your fleet. This takes the stress out of compliance checks. 

Integration with unplanned maintenance requirements

Any defects that are detected during daily walk around checks can also be fed directly into the maintenance system so that these can be coordinated and considered for attention alongside the preventative maintenance schedule. 

Never miss a scheduled service 

Preventative maintenance only works if the service schedule that’s been set for your fleet is upheld. With mobile tablet-based maintenance apps, you can automate the planning of all maintenance requirements for each vehicle in your fleet. 

Effectively manage calendars

Once the service schedule has been set for each vehicle, the app provides all members of the operations team with real-time visibility. The dispatch team can see which vehicles are booked in for service and aren’t available, avoiding costly booking errors. Workshop capacity can also be more effectively managed, with all activities stored in one central maintenance calendar.

Why Tranzaura’s mobile tablet-based preventative inspection app?

We’ve invested heavily in UX and UI design to make it quicker and easier for technicians to complete their preventative maintenance inspections, while improving the accuracy and integrity of the data. Working both online and offline, you’ll never risk losing vital service records, even if your technician is working underground in a pit, or your workshop is based in a remote area. 

Our mobile tablet app integrates with third party telematics providers, so that you can directly capture the in-vehicle diagnostic defects. This allows you to move your fleet maintenance system to the next step – from preventive to predictive maintenance – identifying and resolving any minor faults as soon as they appear, and before they evolve into larger and more costly problems.  

Speak with one of our team today to learn how Tranzaura’s mobile tablet app can streamline your fleet preventative maintenance inspections.