Sustainable & Green Vehicle Inspection Checklist App

The vehicle inspection checklist wastes paper. There’s really no doubt about it; checklists run to two or three pages easily, and they have to be used at least daily, and sometimes more often. That’s an absolute minimum of 700 pages per year per vehicle, and once you have any size of fleet, that starts to balloon. There’s then the cumulative use of fuel and energy in moving that paper to where it needs to be, and the errors that are picked up in transcription when the information is entered into a database. And of course many companies either don’t have such a database, relying on a huge store of the actual paper forms to track inspections, or they have a backlog of forms waiting to be entered.

A daily vehicle inspection checklist app can solve all of these problems in one. Most obviously, the app is more environmentally friendly, since it uses a device already in existence – the driver’s phone or tablet – and immediately cuts out the 700+ sheets of paper. And then the data goes instantly to the cloud-stored database, with no transcription errors at the data-entry point. There’s no backlog, no paper storage, and the information is ready for analysis immediately, answering questions about your fleet management systems you didn’t even know existed.

Tranzaura’s Vehicle Check App does all of this and integrates with the rest of the fleet management software. It’s easier for drivers, mechanics, fleet managers, and everyone else involved, and it’s far more sustainable and green. Of course, the app also circumvents the problem you have whenever a checklist has to be changed – the app updates instantly and transparently, whereas changing over a paper form takes time and organisation, and inevitably either wastes even more paper as old forms are thrown out, or results in headaches as they’re still in the system. A sustainable vehicle checklist app is better for everyone.

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