The power of NFC Technology for the Bus Industry

Hear from our CEO, Shane Mann on how Tranzaura has transformed the way the bus driver population engages with digital pre-use inspections, using the same nfc technology used for your bank card.

Digitising the pre-use inspection process to get in control of unplanned maintenance and to reduce defecting report times, was the obvious place to start when it comes to unlocking the potential of technology in the bus industry.

The main problem to solve in digitising the pre-use inspection process, was not the adoption of technology itself, but the acceptance by the key user group – drivers. By introducing nfc technology, users cannot be over burdened by added administration tasks like remembering passwords, usernames etc and digital transformation should make their day better not harder!

In this short video, Shane shares how Tranzaura have successfully found a solution to engaging the bus driver population using the same tap technology used for your bank card.