Which Fleet Manager will you be in 2019?

Do you have new goals for the new year ahead? Which Fleet Manager will you be in 2019?

1. Compliant but using inefficient processes and spending too much money?

2. Compliant but using more efficient processes that will save you money and make you more profitable?

Through our Total Transport Technology Platform, Tranzaura can help you make simple improvements and ultimately optimise your driver & vehicle compliance process.

Being compliant can often be a burden and prove costly if your not optimising your processes. We help remove the burdens to make compliance more efficient but also profitable. Here’s some of the ways Tranzaura can help;

Remote Driver Infringement Debriefing

We have developed our tachograph analysis technology to include a new feature, that is revolutionising the face to face driver infringement debriefing process. Fleet Managers no longer need to bring their drivers off the road to deal with infringements and can do this all remotely – saving circ.  81% annually on the costs associated with the infringement debriefing process. See more here

Cost savings for defects, by pairing solutions

Going paperless for your walk-around checks does have a cost saving of over 60%. But what makes the biggest contribution to your margin, is when you pair vehicle checks with Workshop Management to decrease the cost of the paper process in managing each defect. On average the digital cost of managing each defect through this pairing process is only 7% of the total cost of the paper process. Our team can provide you with definitive cost savings based on your vehicle count. Learn more here

One integrated total transport technology platform

What makes us unique is our collaborate suite of products that comprise of vehicle checks, tachograph analysis, incident reporting, workshop management and our e-learning & communications solution. All solutions are available from one integrated platform, one username, one password. Not only that, the data from each solution, can talk to each other to improve many areas of operation at one time and through one system.

To see what this could mean for your operation, speak to a member of our team or book a demo here.