20-minute manual tachograph downloads now a thing of the past…

Manual downloads… what a logistical and time consuming nightmare! Collecting the download tools, laptop from the office, connecting everything up to the vehicle head and waiting for the download to complete. Returning to the office to reconnect the equipment again and then uploading to your third-party tachograph system. Especially, if it takes 20 minutes! Vehicle downloads are performed a minimum of 4 times a year, you can do the math!

Tranzaura, along with Renault’s Optifleet and Volvo’s Dynafleet, have just wiped out this process with a new revolutionary remote downloads update to our Tachograph Analysis solution. Saving you not only time but money, you can now automatically download driver cards and tacho heads directly from our Tranzaura platform. Driver and vehicle information will now be instantly sent through to our system, giving you immediate access to this information through your login on our website. This will provide you with a much more detailed understanding of your driver and vehicle behaviours, while taking away the costly and resource heavy process of manual downloads.

Only caveat is, you have to be compatible with Optifleet or Dynafleet systems for this to work and there are no extra costs to access this technology as one of our customers.

Some major benefits to note;

  • Instant download and time saved: it normally takes 20 mins for a vehicle download and 6 minutes for driver download. Saving 20 minutes per download on a fleet of 40 trucks, saves you 13 hours per month. That’s an extra month each year to spend more productively.
  • Cost savings: of between £50 to £100 per driver or vehicle a year
  • Fast & efficient remote downloads: information sent straight to our app and automatic remote downloads available from your office
  • Set your own download time: every day or in line with government standards. Driver card download is should take place every 21 days in Ireland or 28 days in UK. Vehicle file is every 90 days. Stored data can be configured and downloaded at a fixed schedule to reduce administration

To find out more about remote downloads and whether you’re eligible please contact us on info@tranzaura.com