Our vehicle checks app helps a charity free up more time to fulfill their charitable mandate

The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps use Tranzaura Vehicle Checks App nationwide

Not only has this made improvements to efficiency and safety across their fleet but also saved them time in their workshop & base, resulting in more time to fulfil their charitable mandate.

Cmdt Tony O’Mara, Regional Director Order of Malta, said: “With over 4,000 volunteers in more than 80 locations, our Ambulance Corps offers first aid, ambulance and emergency care services in most of Ireland’s principal cities and towns. The Tranzaura app has replaced paper checks on all our vehicles. The vehicle safety checks can now be done using the Tranzaura App, by the driver just walking around the vehicle. This will improve efficiency and safety across our entire fleet. Time saved in the workshop, or at base, means more time being able to fulfill our charitable mandate, which includes community and elderly care services across the whole island of Ireland.”

Tranzaura and Order of Malta Partnership

Tranzaura Chief Executive Officer, Shane Mann said: “We are delighted to partner with the Order of Malta. The Tranzaura App works for fleets of all sizes across Ireland, the UK and globally. We recently signed a large contract which sees 2,300 London bus drivers using our app. We will be expanding into the UK and international markets, but the Tranzaura App isn’t solely for large commercial fleets –  the app also works for smaller and mid-range fleets, and there are a lot of Irish charities operating transport fleets using paper checks, when our app would save them time and money, and make life much easier.”

“We have proven in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, that our app can make savings, increase compliance, and increase efficiencies. We are confident there is a market for the Tranzaura vehicle safety check app in every city in the world. As well as buses and coaches we also provide vehicle safety and tachograph analysis services to commercial vehicles throughout Ireland and the UK.”

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr James Collins, launched the contract agreement this week: “The Order of Malta has a long history with Limerick –  when it arrived in Ireland in 1171 it set up two hospitals, one in Dublin and the other in County Limerick, in the town we now call Hospital. Tranzaura is a really exciting company, based in Limerick, but growing internationally, through its bespoke transport technology software. It’s great to see an app designed by a Limerick company being used around the globe. It shows yet again that Limerick continues to produce leading companies in the tech sphere.”