The ‘new us’ – Tranzaura

The ‘New’ Tranzaura is officially launched! It was time for a brand rebirth and we’re delighted with the outcome…

Over the last 5 months, Tranzaura have gone through a brand review and repositioning process and April 2018 sees the launch of our new ‘brand identity’ that truly represents us for the future. After 8 years in operation, we felt it was time to not only reinvigorate our brand but also to reposition ourselves in the market place.

Redefining Safety

Our new positioning focuses on our key differentiator; Redefining Safety within the transport industry. Customers partner with us because they know we offer unique transport solutions that improve transport safety in innovative ways. Redefining is about our ability to think about something in a new or different way, which comes from our boots on the ground experience and intuition. We build technology products that switch the brain on, not off.

Visually our new brand comprises of 3 meaningful components;

  1. Safety – We Guard, protect, shield – provide security & assurance.
  2. Transport – Carry, move or convey from one place to another
  3. Technology – we apply knowledge to develop technology solution

The brand identity has been developed by amalgamating three key components; the shield for safety, a route or roadmap for transport and the nodes or communication points that enable the flow of information within the technology solution.

Shane Mann, COO, says, “Following a careful review and series of meetings with branding companies, we appointed Frawley//Neville to guide us through a rebranding process which challenged us all. We believed in Frawley//Neville’s track record and process and we are now very clear about our brand position. Based on this a brand identity has been developed that truly represents us. Our new brand identity and messaging is helping us communicate our differentiation in the marketplace and we believe this will serve us well into the future. We are now positioned to grow in line with our plans and are confident in our new brand.”