Tranzaura partner up with the organisation BUSK, to further promote child safety on the school run.

Tranzaura partner up with the organisation ‘BUSK’, to further promote child safety on the school run.

Kickstarting BUSK’s School Transport Safety Week 2018, (begins 24 Sep) is the announcement of a new partnership with a company that brings values and synergies around the key issue of driver safety in the UK. Safer drivers undoubtedly mean safer journeys for school children which is the aim of BUSK.

Our intention through this partnership is to add value to the work that BUSK already does because our ‘Driver Connect’ system specifically concentrates on essential driver communications, engagement and safer driving behaviour amongst drivers without having to hold resource intensive training programmes that offer limited long-term impact and behaviour change. From September, BUSK Benchmark members that represent a strong share in the minibus and coach industry, will be offered Driver Connect at a discounted rate.

Pat Harris, Director of BUSK said, “We are delighted to partner up with such a like-minded organisation and one that actually brings a viable technology solution that can enhance driver safety issues around home to school transport and school trips at home and abroad. We also look forward to developing new film clip content with Tranzauara around personal safety for drivers themselves, which is set to release next year.”

Tranzauara’s Chief Operating Officer, Shane Mann, also adds, “BUSK and the work they strive to do is inspiring and instrumental in promoting safer child road transport in the UK and we are thrilled to be part of those efforts in any way we can with our technology solution Driver Connect.”

The partnership will be officially launched at the end of October during the Bus Expo Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.