CWS Ireland Ltd significantly reduce motor accidents and insurance premiums using the Tranzaura platform

What have CWS Ireland achieved?

In 2011, CWS Ireland started their digital fleet transformation journey with Tranzaura and initiated an ambitious safe systems at work strategy. At this time, they were recording 43 motor accidents a year (43 claims) and only one insurance company would insure them, consequently resulting in high premiums.

This proactive safety strategy aimed to establish new, more efficient and impactful ways of managing vehicle defects, reporting accidents and training remote drivers. CWS Ireland are also always striving for positive improvements and want to benchmark themselves against other countries within their own organisation internationally.

CWS Ireland are now outperforming other countries within their own organisation for their safety record and are the first to adopt a digital fleet solution for driver training. As of October 2021, CWS Ireland will have had 405 days accident free (LTAs – Lost Time Accidents). If this success continues, a milestone of one minor accident in 3 years will be reached in January 2022.

As a direct result of reducing motor accidents, CWS Ireland have also reduced their insurance premiums and have more choice in insurance companies overall. The savings they have made by reducing insurance claims and accidents have also allowed them to reward drivers as part of their annual performance reviews.

How has the Tranzaura platform supported their strategy?

CWS Ireland started their digital transformation journey with Tranzaura in 2011 with the digital tachograph analysis solution which aimed to eliminate unnecessary admin around their legislative fleet requirements. This then evolved to adopting digital vehicle defect reporting which replaced their paper solution (docket books). This solution was too limiting for the team. It didn’t provide enough visual and easy to interpret information and also didn’t enable a collective view on the data, whether it be as a group, region or depot.

The next step for CWS Ireland was to move beyond just managing their legislative requirements and to take a more proactive approach to safety in their fleet. They sought out to find better ways of reporting accidents and working with insurers and wanted to replace their 12 page paper solution with a digital solution that could provide time stamps and photographic evidence. They implemented the Incident Accident solution which now gives them on the spot accident reporting, but with so much more detailed data. Insurance companies can now better utilise this data when it comes to accessing premiums.

Once this was solved, the next step for CWS Ireland was to establish a digital solution that could deal directly with remote drivers out on the road – in terms of raising their awareness, training them or just keeping them informed. Previously, it was difficult to train remote drivers without taking them off the road which costs money. They adopted a digital solution ‘Driver Connect‘ which enables CWS Ireland to keep their lines of communication open with fleet drivers – delivering messages, short impactful videos and presentations directly to drivers in their own time, whether from their couch at home or during their working day.

To view the full CWS Ireland & Tranzaura story, click below to view a video from Dave Lennon, Head of Logistics at CWS Ireland

“ We have worked with Tranzaura for 10 years now, and now use 4 digital solutions – tachograph analysis, vehicle checks, incident accident and driver connect. The support, the collaboration and the development is what has really helped us to achieve our requirements. The digital solutions themselves have enabled us to perform very well as a company, but also exceptionally well as a country within our own organisation. We look forward to working with Tranzaura for years to come”

– Dave Lennon, Head of Logistics, CWS Ireland

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