Bus and Coach Fleet Management Software

There are approximately 150,000 buses and coaches across the UK and Ireland, and many more across the rest of the world, from individuals with a single minibus to transport companies running thousands of vehicles. Each and every one of these needs to be maintained, serviced, checked on a daily basis, and their drivers need to track hours, location, and other information. This isn’t a problem for the single minibus, but when there are hundreds of vehicles on the move at once, coach fleet management software becomes absolutely essential.

Tranzaura and Go Ahead London

Tranzaura’s apps are already in use with companies like Go-Ahead London (see the case study of their pre-service vehicle inspection checks) and more companies are signing up every day. Tranzaura provides not just vehicle checks, but also bus fleet asset management software so that the whole fleet can be tracked in real time, and repair and workshop management tools so that fleet operators have full availability knowledge. And the tachograph analysis software enables proactive driver hour tracking, allowing you to predict workloads and employee metrics months into the future, which is essential for busy bus and coach companies.

Journey planning is the very first concern of most bus and coach users, whether they’re waiting for local services or intercity transport, or even for pickup with a chartered coach. Particularly in the wake of COVID-19, it’s clear that up-to-the-minute information about capacity, location and drivers is going to make the difference between successful coach companies and those that fall by the wayside. Tranzaura’s bus fleet management software, apps and cloud provision can integrate with your other back-office technology, making sure that both you and the passengers on your buses know what’s happening right now, and what’s going to be happening for the rest of their journeys. 

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