Fleet Driver Employee Retention

The news is full of the Great Resignation; employee turnover is reaching unprecedented heights. In fact, turnover has gone from about 30% for medium-sized companies to a startling 88% in some places, which adds a huge amount of overhead in re-hiring, not to mention the loss of institutional memory and customer relationships. But good communication, good training, and good connections with your fleet drivers, in particular, can mean the difference between turnover and retention.

More employees leave a company due to management issues than for any other cause. Good communication can prevent that. Drivers are on the road, though; they’re not having day-to-day conversations with their managers, and unlike the situation with other remote workers, ad-hoc video calls – or sometimes even scheduled ones! – just don’t work. Tranzaura’s Driver Connect provides a means of keeping in touch with drivers all the time, no matter where they are. Travis Perkins, for example, communicates with 6000 drivers every day.

Driver connect and Fleet Driver Retention

Fleet driver training can also improve retention – employees who receive appropriate, practical and useful training are more likely to stay with the company. Driver Connect also provides a way to get training to staff who are on the road, which they can take in their own time. Studies have shown that providing training can increase employee retention by up to 14%, even in the absence of any other measures.

Driver Connect goes a long way toward letting you, as a fleet manager (or any sort of manager!) know what’s happening with your drivers. You can see where there are issues, and talk to affected drivers directly, rather than needing to have problems reported after the fact. Indeed, if you’re seeing the same kind of issue with multiple drivers, you can identify a need for training, or a change in processes. That kind of communication is one of the best possible tools in your management toolbox.

Driver Connect can be customised to your needs and your fleet’s needs. Contact us today to see what we can do!