Fleet Driver Training with Driver Connect

Providing training to fleet drivers is essential, everyone’s clear on that. It helps with safety, compliance, and employee retention. But it’s not easy to make it happen – conventional training means taking drivers off the road, getting them into classrooms or training rooms, and either coordinating multiple people for the same time slot, or doing a series of individual sessions.

Driver Connect and Travis Perkins

Driver Connect provides you with a way to provide training directly to your drivers. They can undertake the actual training at whatever time suits them – during driving breaks, before or after their shifts, or even at home. Travis Perkins, for one example, has made very good use of this technology; they no longer any have any need for fleet managers to visit branches to see if compliance is being adhered to, and they can quickly identify trends, operational issues and utilisation levels, even in real-time – ensuring the fleet team can pick out what needs to be done and then respond appropriately and quickly.

There’s no limit to the driver training you can provide this way, from required sessions in material handling and employee interrelations to best-practice pieces on actual driving, and even optional extra training in logistics, regulations, or port paperwork. Tranzaura provides useful training modules and videos to get you started, and you can add your own material quickly and easily.

Obviously, not taking fleet drivers off the road for training is a huge advantage – you don’t need to arrange cover, and they don’t need to be in a specific location. However, having them take the training at times of their own choosing is even better – there’s plenty of evidence to show that fleet driver training is understood and retained better when people can set their own schedules, and when they’re not worried about getting somewhere else on time afterward. 

Driver Connect can be customised to your needs and your fleet’s needs. Contact us today to see what we can do!