[ON – DEMAND] Tranzaura’s Cloud-Based Asset & Workshop Management Platform [WEBINAR]

If you missed our recent Cloud-based Asset and Workshop Management Platform webinar on February 9th, you can watch this via YouTube in your own time. Just request your copy below.

About the Webinar

Register for our on demand 30 minute webinar which will give a quick tour of the Tranzaura Cloud-based Asset and Workshop Management Platform.

This is only one part of the bigger platform, but is ideal for fleet or engineering teams who want to manage preventative or planned maintenance more efficiently in terms of improved scheduling, visibility, automation, reporting, utilisation of resources and capacity.

One thing that makes Tranzaura unique in this area is the technology we use to deliver the platform ‘Microsoft Azure‘ Cloud technology. If you want guaranteed security, scalability & robustness, endless customisation and flexibility then this is for you. 

Discover how our cloud-based asset and workshop management solution can help you solve common issues that negatively impact preventative fleet maintenance, for example:

  • Time-consuming maintenance scheduling: automating PMI inspections or maintenance with your own or 3rd party workshops so you will never miss a service
  • Poor planning of scheduled maintenance in workshops: act quickly to bottlenecks and better utilise resources
  • Sporadic or adhoc storing of information: Centrally manage all asset requirements:including but not limited to Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment, Plant, Sites and Personnel, vehicle types and more
  • Inaccurate lifecycle & productivity decisions: high quality real time data facilitates more informed decisions on asset replacement, upgrades, repurposing, decommissioning & disposals.
  • Using excel or outdated, hard to use technology: using cloud-technology ensures top class technology deployment, ease of use, endless customisation, scalability and robustness. 

About the speakers

  • Nathan Priestley
    UK Sales at Tranzaura
  • Emma Gill
    Head of Marketing at Tranzaura
Watch our on demand webinar - Tranzaura