[WEBINAR] Digitising Unplanned Maintenance in the Bus Sector – On Demand

If you missed our recent webinar on Digitising Unplanned Maintenance, you can watch this via YouTube in your own time. Just request your copy below.

Tranzaura have been working with the bus sector in the UK & Ireland since 2013 to modernise & streamline their unplanned maintenance systems (first-use checks and defect reporting) in order to optimise efficiency, safety, compliance, decision making and profitability.

Watch on demand our innovative webinar below.

Key learning objectives – how going digital for unplanned maintenance will:

  • Turn knotty paper-based systems into streamlined environments where drivers, engineers and managers work together to keep fleets in tip-top shape
  • Keep on top of vehicle defects and attend to todays problems in real time
  • Improve fleet communications, by directly connecting drivers and engineers, removing the chinese whisper effect.
  • Make more informed decisions, from your desk or workshop, saving massive amounts of time and resources.

About the speakers

  • Shane Mann
    CEO of Tranzaura
  • Emma Gill
    Head of Marketing at Tranzaura

Watch our on demand webinar - Tranzaura