Reduce Fleet Downtime with Tranzaura

Knowledge of the location and movements of your corporate fleet, whether it’s lorries, or specialised vehicles of any type, is largely a solved problem now .

GPS tracking has that under control . But as soon as that’s in place, many fleet managers become aware of a new problem. Vehicles aren’t that moving. This can be for any number of reasons, of course. You may have more vehicles than drivers, the vehicle may be a specialized one that isn’t in use at the moment, or it may be in need of maintenance or repair. Fleet downtime can cost you money – at the simplest level, vehicles that aren’t in use aren’t earning – and it’s possible for one missing part to take out a major part of your logistics or delivery fleet for days or weeks. Estimates put vehicle downtime costs somewhere between €488 and €760 per vehicle, per day. That’s the kind of cost that adds up quickly. Tranzaura can help you track not just the movements of your fleet, but your inventory of vehicles and parts, where vehicles are in the maintenance and repair processes, and even sort out workshop management for you.

Our Fleet Management Tool

Specialized vehicles aren’t a tracking concern when they’re not on the move, but you do need to know that they’re in good order for when they’re needed. Our Fleet Asset Management tool is your key application here; it’ll let you know where things are, what condition they’re in, and allow you to automate maintenance schedules, inspections, and other routine procedures. This means your vehicles are ready to go as soon as they’re needed, whether that’s due to weather, a need for increased capacity, new staff, or anything else your particular business needs.

Our Workshop Management tool

Vehicles currently undergoing maintenance, though, are an issue for every fleet manager. Our Workshop Management app is your ideal tool for this; it lets you better track preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs to ensure all your vehicles are compliant and safe. With access to full record history, annual road worthiness tests (and legally required certification), previous maintenance records, and all the other information about your fleet, you can get a deeper insight into asset history & maintenance. This allows you to make better decisions about new equipment, contract renewals, and when to retire particular models, or limit them to particular work.

Our Stock Management tool

We can also offer you our Stock Inventory Management tool, which will further reduce your fleet downtime by making sure you have parts – whether spare or replacement – in stock at any given time. You can use this to track everything from tyres to seat covers; you’ll know exactly where everything is and how many of them you have.

While any of these tools will help reduce fleet downtime for you, using some or all of them together will have huge effects. Tranzaura will work with you to make all the software work well together, and integrate with your existing systems. Nottingham City Transport, for example, made huge strides in their defect management – you can read their case study for details.

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