5 Benefits For Fleets That Digitise Their Vehicle Checks in 2022

Many fleets are still using paper as a core part of their vehicle inspection check and defect reporting process, despite ongoing issues with efficiency. However more and more fleets are making the move to technology-based solutions. Digital inspections and defect reporting is quickly replacing these old, inefficient and expensive compliance methods.

Here are some of the benefits for fleets when they choose to remove paper and digitise this vital compliance process:

1. Access to real-time data about the state of your fleet.

Fleets can digitally gather and store accurate and actionable information around inspection outcomes, efficiency & compliance. This quickly identifies real time trends, operational issues and utilisation reports – ensuring the fleet team can identify what needs to be done and then respond appropriately and quickly. This data then means more informed decisions can be made. Transforming your fleet’s productivity, safety and profitability has never been easier.

2. Real-time defect reporting.

Research shows that 42.5% of defects are going undetected. Through digitising their processes, fleets can instantly report defects in real-time before they escalate into more serious situations. They no longer have to wait hours for this information to be collected and reported back, causing huge delays in a defect being dealt with.

3. Empowers drivers & employees to do a more conscientious inspection.

The technology is very intuitive and simple to use for drivers of varying technology competencies. Extra safety features and functions are included to ensure inspections are of high quality. This gives you peace of mind that both your drivers and assets are the safest they can be. Once the inspection is done, the results are submitted in real-time to a manager. Learn more about the 7 steps to getting the most from your drivers.

4. Remove human error & inefficiencies from the inspection process.

A paper-based inspection and defect management solution isn’t a sustainable process and can be prone to human error. It is also an administrative burden, expensive and can just become a tick box exercise that is not carried out properly. Technology removes any human error, improves the quality of information gleaned and makes this available to relevant people quickly in real time dashboards.

5. Elevates inspection completion rates without compromising quality & safety.

Technology speeds up the inspection process in a way that does not compromises a quality and safe check being done. Not only is the asset safe but that the driver is engaged and behaving in the safest possible way. It goes beyond digitally optimising your inspection process, but optimises your entire safety and compliance related processes.

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